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Reflection – Draft

Reflection Draft Reflect on experiences and what you have learned (blogs, other assignments, weekly logs) NEW OFFICE AND SPACE              Starting a new job is always difficult. I say that, but I’ve had the same job (my first job my senior year of high school) for 4 years. It has literally been my only job, butContinue reading “Reflection – Draft”

LTSP – Draft

This is a very rough draft / list of what I can talk about in my Long-term Sustainability Assignment / Essay. Enjoy my brain dump and ramblings as I sit on my camper sofa and listen to the rain. Hopefully these thoughts will solidify into something more coherent by the Portfolio due date. 🙂 CONTEXTContinue reading “LTSP – Draft”


Revisit blogs for weeks 3 and 4. What have you learned since then? “Being a professional in the age of Zoom meetings, and many other means of virtual contact, has been easy as ever.” – Me, 2 months ago. Ha! This sounds like a statement from someone that doesn’t have a lot of experience workingContinue reading “Revisit”

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